Antimicrobial Detergents/Soaps

Need for making Antimicrobial Detergents/Soaps

Detergents/Soaps play a vital role in removing and killing the germs. While regular detergent/soap works by mechanically removing germs from our cloths/hands/body, antibacterial detergent/soap contains chemicals that can kill bacteria or inhibit their growth. Therefore, the efficiency of antibacterial detergent/soap in removing germs/bacteria from our cloth/hands/body is much more than ordinary soap.

Need for using Antimicrobial Detergents/Soaps in our daily lives

Bacteria are present everywhere in the environment on almost all surfaces and cause skin infections.

The dirty clothes soaked with sweat & contaminated with dirt provides conducive environment for bacteria to grow in millions. Certain bacterial can grow from 1 cell to millions even in 7 hrs. The antibacterial detergent removes bacteria from clothes not only by mechanical action but by killing bacteria also.

Detergent/Soap manufactured using silver nanoparticles below 8 nm is very effective in killing bacteria/ germs. The silver nanoparticle is required in low ppm because of its very small particle size and high surface area which makes them extremely reactive in killing microbes in most economical way.

Need for using Antimicrobial Detergents/Soaps in Hospitals

Doctors and nurses use hospital antibacterial detergent/soap even in their homes and teach their children to wash their hands regularly with antibacterial liquid soaps rather than instant hand sanitizers. Also, the cloths in hospital laundry need to be washed using antibacterial detergent.

For the health care workers, it has become essential to use antimicrobial detergent/soaps for the purpose of cloth/hand washing because of possible cross contamination of bacteria from the patients that may be pathogenic.

The antibacterial detergents/soaps containing silver nanoparticles are more effective against Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria than plain detergents/soaps.

Germs do live on all bars of soap/detergent. Those with a weak immune system should be extra cautious and stick to antibacterial soap/detergent.

The cloth & hand hygiene also becomes important for waiters in the restaurants/hotels & also who are delivering food to home.

About VAM

VAM (Versatile Antimicrobial Agent) is an excellent biocide because of its very small particle size. VAM is manufactured using latest nano technology.

The unique characteristics of VAM is as follows:

The particle size of silver in VAM is below 8 nano meters.

It is highly concentrated product and require very low dosages.

It is indigenously manufactured in India only.

Only 3 gm of VAM has to be added in one Kg of detergent/soap. The lower dosage requirement is because of its small particle size in nano meter, high surface area, high reactivity along with highly concentrated product itself.

The cost of additive added in detergent/soap will not exceed Rs 9 per kg of detergent/soap.

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