Test Reports

Our nano silver based eco safe Versatile Antimicrobial Agent helps in making all types of textiles anti viralanti bacterial, and anti fungal at very economical price. We are serious about creating fresh and hygienic textile products. Learn More →

Multipurpose Disinfectant Sanitizer

Antiviral on Non Porous Surface

Antiviral in 15 Minutes

Antiviral Mask (Knitted & Surgical)

Antifungal Handkerchief

Antibacterial Dyed Polyester Carpet Yarn

Antiviral Dyed Yarn

Antiviral Surgical Mask

Antiviral 100% Polyester Fabric

Antibacterial Surgical & Knitted Masks

Antibacterial White & Dyed Yarn

Antibacterial P/C Masks- After 30 Washes

Antibacterial Knitwear

Antibacterial Denim

Antibacterial Denim – After 30 Washes

Antibacterial Bedsheet

Polyester Rugs – Anti fungal

Antibacterial Viscose Rugs

Antibacterial Wool Rugs

Antibacterial Surgical Mask

Various Culture(bacteria/fungus) Test Report

Antibacterial Wool Rugs

Antibacterial 100 % Polyester Fabric

Antiviral Non-Woven Mask

Antibacterial Non-Woven Mask