We at Versatile Textiles manufacture nano silver ion based eco-safe Versatile Antimicrobial Agent applicable to all textiles at a very economical price. Our antimicrobial chemical is so versatile that it can also be used as hand sanitizer, antiseptic liquid, disinfectant and home sanitization spray. It kills the germs within 5 seconds because of its main constituent, silver particle in nano meters. It is non flammable and very gentle to hand in comparison to alcohol. The cost of antimicrobial chemical treatment of textile (any substrates) is not more than Re 1 per 100 gm weight of textile. Our versatile Antimicrobial finish for textiles helps in making anti viralanti bacterial, and anti fungal textile products. We are serious about creating fresh and hygienic textile products. Learn More →

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    Why Antimicrobial finish for Textiles is needed?

    Natural textiles are sources of unwanted microbes.Sweat, Dirt & dust present in natural textile fibres create conducive environment for microbes to grow in millions. Textile fibres having microbes can contaminate users and give rise to many diseases. To avoid contamination of users and to avoid bad odour, one should use an Antimicrobial agent in textiles. We are manufacturers of antimicrobial agents for textiles and the antimicrobial finish helps in producing hygienic and fresh textile products. Learn More →

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