Antiviral Textiles – The Shield That Has Become A Survival Necessity Of This Era

The world is living its worst nightmare- a pandemic of such scale that the globe is on lockdown and people are protecting themselves behind the doors of their homes. But what about the coronavirus cells you come in contact with when you wear, say, that favorite dress of yours you had loaned to your cousin who tested positive for the virus? Washing your clothes, your carpets, fabrics infinite times isn’t the smart answer, opting for antiviral textiles is.

Do you know that coronavirus can stay alive and multiply for days on clothes and fabrics?

According to the Centre For Disease Control And Prevention, novel coronavirus remains viable for hours, even days on different surfaces, which includes clothing. And if you are going by the theory that “Hey, I live in a warm nation and viruses can’t stay alive in heat”, remember that the temperature in Australia is over 80 degrees (Fahrenheit) on most days and yet the number of coronavirus infected cases there has crossed 4,800 today.

We have to remember that while coronavirus may fizzle out after it has caused its share of tragedy, nature may have another virus up its sleeve, waiting to take advantage of our smallest lapse in ensuring that our hygiene regime is at its 100%.

This is where antiviral textiles enter the scene and put up a strong front as to why they are a necessity

Microorganisms like viruses have the ability to double in quantity every 20 minutes on surfaces that are humid and damp. And what’s a better host for them than your home textiles like carpets and the clothes you wear? They are all exposed to an ample amount of moisture and sweat, creating a breeding ground for a virus to multiply.

But a textile which had an application of an antiviral agent at the time of its manufacturing has the ability to inhibit the growth of these microorganisms and even kill them!

Thus such antiviral textiles carry many advantages:

●    The potential to reduce the transmission of infection

●    Protect the users against pathogenic or odor-causing microorganisms.

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