Any Mask, Gloves, Or Clothing Would Become More Effective Against Coronavirus If It Is “Antiviral”

Mask? Check Gloves? Check Sanitizer? Double-check and voila! You are ready to step up put for that overdue and much-needed grocery shopping, all protected against the coronavirus outbreak wreaking havoc across the world or are you? Did you know that you are still going to bring home the tiny microorganisms, the carriers of COVID-19? Why? Because not just any mask or gloves will stand a chance against the deadly pandemic, they have to be “antiviral”. 

First of all, do you think you are sorted just because you are wearing the much advertised N95 masks?

When a person carrying coronavirus sneezes in front of you, tiny droplets of the virus travel through the air to settle on your mask. Now, while the N95 masks or the triple-layered masks in the market may protect you from the virus, for the time being, what happens when you come home wearing it? 

Because the corona virus particles on the surface of your mask are still there, with no plans of magically disappearing. So, when you come home and either pull off your masks with your bare hands or put them on another surface, you merely transfer the virus. 

There is also the fact that while the N95 respirator blocks at least 95 percent of very small upto (0.3-micron) test particles, it allows rather easy passage to microbes less than 0.3-micron size, and, unfortunately, various viruses are less than 0.3 micron fall in this category. 

And not just your masks, your gloves should be antiviral too

While donning on those latex gloves may give a secure feeling against coronavirus, once outside and engrossed in a task, we start treating our gloves like a second skin- we touch our faces, our eyes and scratch our noses without thinking twice. The gloves did protect your hands from contracting the virus, but the ones sitting on its surface, just get transferred to your body when you carry out the above activities.

The above, very realistic, scenarios are what that makes antiviral masks and gloves a necessity

The fact that an antiviral mask and pair of gloves would not let the virus fester or stay viable on its surface- they will be either killed or made ineffective because of its antimicrobial properties inhibiting their growth! 

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